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Sodium Bentonite

1) In mechanical casting industry, may use as the casting molding sand, the cementing agent, may overcome the casting smuggles the sand, the skin ...
Granular Clay

[Product introduction]
Granular clay′s main raw material is active clay, by scientific formula, chemistry processing becomed, it has higher surface area than ...
Activated Clay

[product introduction]
Our company produces the product, selects the Sichuan high quality bentonite ore as raw material, after fine selects, activation, squeeze, ...
Dimer Acid Bentonite

[product definition]
Dimer acid bentonite is calcium base bentonite, bentonite, also calls spot rock, swelling soil rock, contains little feldspar, quartz, ...
Feed Bentonite

Mainly uses in feed additive and granule feed cementingagent, may increase 2-5% in the feed. Has adsorbability, expansibility. Can provide many kinds of ...
Lithium Bentonite

[structure and principle]
The lithium base bentonite is modified synthesis product based on natural lithium montmorillonite constitutive property, it is a ...
Calcium Bentonite

Mainly used in sand casting, asbestos insulation materials as cementing agent; Radioactive waste absorbent, in the agricultural chemicals as the carrier ...

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